The Most Dangerous Beaches In The World
Compilation video shows us the most dangerous beaches in the world.

Elephant Survives Attack From 14 Lions
Brave elephant survives an attack from a pride of lions.

Caged Visitors Pay To Feed Tigers, Lions At China Zoo
They are locking people in cages in this Chinese reverse zoo.

Alabama Woman Catches Catfish With Bare Hands
Incredible footage of a woman catching a huge catfish with her bare hands.

Jack Russell Terrier Vs. Snake
Epic battle between a little Jack Russel and a snake.

Giant Anaconda Attacks Human Caught On Camera - When Animals Attack People - Most Amazing Attacks
Compilation of ten of the most insane anaconda attacks, caught on camera.

Seal Vs Octopus At Ogden Point Victoria BC - Feb 9th 2015
Epic battle between a seal and a giant octopus.

Alligator Killed By Electric Eel At Amazon
Incredible footage shows an eel shocking an alligator to death.

Japan Landslide
Terrifying footage of devastating landslide in Japan.

AN UNSEEN WORLD By Paul Rosolie, USA - Forest Film Winner
Amazing footage of hidden cameras left in the Amazon.